Friday, October 16, 2015

My Holiday favorites

One of my holiday favorites was seeing Born To Dance with my friend Sophia, my sister Caroline and my sisters friend Brooke. I ordered some medium popcorn and a coke and it was really good. My favorite part of the movie was of course the dancing. Everyone in the movie was a really good dancer and I mean really good.

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My other holiday favorite was going to Georgia's birthday party. The first thing we did was open the presents and have a little snack before we went out. Then we went to Laser force and I came 5th in my first game and second in my second game. Then we went to the park and had a little play around and that was really fun. Then we went back to Georgia's house and made some pizza and then had some cake and that was the end of Georgia's party. It was delicious and I had an awesome time.

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